DEADLINE: Adoption, Not Abortion!

Did you know there are 7x more abortions than adoptions in the United States?

We have to fix that.

Only 1 bill in Texas would help families with the cost of adoption.

⏰ But unless our state representatives act now, we may miss our chance.

Will you email state lawmakers now to pass the adoption bill ASAP?

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Christ came that we may have life and have it abundantly—that includes children who are waiting for loving families.

This bill would:

✅ Create a new initiative called the “Texas Adoption Assistance Program”;

✅ Pay up to half the adoption costs if a church or nonprofit matched it; and

✅ Help countless children find their forever families!

But the odds are stacked against us…

…If the adoption bill does not move within the next 20 days, we won’t have another chance to help families until 2025.

Please flood the committee with messages from every Pro-Life patriot!

Thank you for standing for Life!

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