Deadline: 7 Days to Help Adoption

Did you know there are 7x more abortions than adoptions in the United States?

We have to fix that… but we only have 7 days.

Right now Texas lawmakers are considering a bill to help parents with the cost of adoption, but if it doesn’t pass the House in 7 days, the bill will die and we won’t have another chance to help families until 2025.

⏰ Unless Pro-Life voices like you speak up, we may miss our chance.

Will you email state lawmakers now to pass the adoption bill ASAP?

(Don’t worry; we made it easy! Just fill out the form and we’ll send you a pre-written message to send to legislators!)

Check your email after submitting the form.

It should arrive within 2 minutes.

Imagine all the beautiful children who will have loving homes because God called YOU to help!

Will you take 7 seconds to make a difference for a child who needs a family?

Double your impact: Forward this message to one Pro-Life friend.

Last time, over 400 supporters like you contacted the committee and the bill moved within 4 days!

Do you see how your voice makes a difference?

Christ came that we may have life and have it abundantly—that includes children who are waiting for loving families.

This Pro-Life adoption bill (HB 4138) would:
✅ Create a new initiative called the “Texas Adoption Assistance Program”;

✅ Pay up to half the adoption costs if a church or nonprofit matched it; and

✅ Help countless children find their forever families!

Please ask lawmakers right now to move the bill ASAP!

Check your email after submitting the form.

And rally every Pro-Life Christian you know so we can flood the Texas House with messages in support of adoption!

Thank you for standing for Life!

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