Called the Police

Listen to this phone call we received at our headquarters.

Threats to our hardworking staff will not stand.

As soon as this anonymous caller hung up on us, we contacted local authorities.

In addition to this threat, hundreds of cybercrimes have been committed with Texas Right to Life as the target. We’ve also contacted the FBI.

These radical anti-Lifers are threatening us because we want to protect all innocent babies in the womb. They’re absolutely FURIOUS.

They think they can scare us into submission. They think they will make us back down. They think that we are the cowards that THEY actually are.

Their threats will only make us fight harder.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re angry about these threats and distractions. But we are not scared.

We are not distracted from our goal of an abortion-free Texas.

We have had to make expensive emergency upgrades to our cyber system.

Over 120,000 cyberattacks from around the world have been CRUSHED by our IT team. Not a single attack was successful. The threats still continue by the thousands.

Additional IT upgrades are necessary immediately if you want to continue to defend Life.

Will you stand with us against these attacks? Will you donate to fight for Life, to fight evil?

Things may feel dark right now, but God’s light shines brightest in the dark. He is always with us just as He is always with you.

We must continue to attack evil, to push back against Satan and his demons. Give today to stand for innocent babies.

I fear this is only the beginning. We are grateful to be standing with you in this war.



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