Billboard Wars!

California and New York are getting free advertising to promote abortion in Texas!

Last year, Gavin Newsom and other leftists plastered pro-abortion billboards all over Texas, pushing women to go to blue states to end the lives of their preborn children.

What’s worse: California and New York aren’t even paying for many of the ads anymore, but the signs will stay up until someone else buys these billboards.

Will you fight back right now with a donation to take down the pro-abortion billboards and put up a Pro-Life message? >>

Replacing the abortion billboards will cost up to $14,000.

If every Pro-Life supporter contributes, we can stand up to pro-abortion leftists and defend the unborn!

God made all precious babies uniquely in His image, and they deserve the Right to Life.

Don’t let California and New York’s deadly ads stay in Texas.

Please rush your tax-deductible gift to Texas Right to Life today to put up our Pro-Life billboards!

Any funds raised over the needed amount will be dedicated to spreading the Pro-Life message across the state through our education programs.

Thank you for sharing the Gospel of Life!




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