Biden Urges Supreme Court to Stop Texas Heartbeat Act

Joe Biden is a disgrace. Today, the Biden administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block the Texas Heartbeat Act immediately.

He will do anything and everything to stop us from saving babies.

And somehow this man calls himself a Christian!

Biden’s Department of Justice SUED Texas over our Pro-Life law last month, then found an Obama-nominated judge to grant his petition. Praise God, our appeals court reinstated the Texas Heartbeat Act, blocking the judge’s anti-Life ruling!

But Joe Biden is the most PRO-ABORTION president of ALL TIME. He won’t stop here.

Texas is headed to the Supreme Court once more to fight for the Texas Heartbeat Act — this time against Joe Biden’s cronies.

>> Will you stand with us? <<

Since taking effect September 1, our groundbreaking law SAVED at least 3,000 lives from abortion!

Every precious baby’s beating heart gives glory to God.

That’s why we need your help to win this fight. Can we count on YOU to step up and defend Life?

If Texas is going to beat Biden’s attack, we need the STRONGEST Pro-Life warriors during this critical time… most importantly, YOU.

We cannot let the evil of abortion prevail.

We are under the largest assault in the entire Pro-Life world (and the entire conservative world) by the darkest of forces, by the God-haters.

Stand up now to defend and enforce the Texas Heartbeat Act.

Will you protect Life with a gift of $50, $200, $500, or even more right now?



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