Rescue Preborn Babies

It is heartbreaking to reflect that 60 million people just like our loved ones have been lost to abortion in the last 51 years.

Today, illegal and out-of-state abortions still threaten preborn children.

This is not the time to back down. With 50 years of experience, Texas Right to Life knows how to confront these new attacks.

Here are three life-saving efforts we can expand but only with your help:

✅ Awarding scholarships to Pro-Life college leaders;

✅ Securing state funding for adoption agencies and pregnancy centers; and

✅ Suing pro-abortion groups, websites, and local governments that aid and abet illegal abortions.

Will you give to Texas Right to Life today to rescue preborn children and give hope to pregnant mothers?

Your contribution will help rescue 150 lives per day and build on our historic accomplishments.



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