Newly uncovered documents show FDA spent nearly $100,000 on baby body parts to make “humanized mice”

In 2018, journalists discovered documents showing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted experiments using the bodies of babies killed in abortion to produce “humanized mice.”  Shortly after the discovery of the contracts between the FDA and fetal tissue suppliers, the Pro-Life Trump Administration cancelled the contract and cut ties with the notorious Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc. (ABR).  Now, years later, further evidence has emerged showing the full extent of the purchase of body parts of aborted babies and the unethical experimentation committed using taxpayer dollars.

In June, the advocacy organization Judicial Watch announced the acquisition of 165 pages of documents detailing transactions between the FDA and ABR.  The documents indicate that the FDA entered into at least eight contracts with ABR, a notorious “tissue procurement” agency with ties to suspect activities and ongoing legal investigation.  Those contracts were valued at nearly $100,000.  The documents came to light as part of a Freedom of Information Act request and requests for documents as part of a lawsuit Judicial Watch filed against the FDA in 2018.

In one of the emails included in the documents is a statement of work that reads

The Division of Applied Regulatory Science (DARS) OCP/OTS/CDER is conducting a research program to evaluate the usefulness of humanized mice (HM) for regulatory purposes.  The HM are created by surgical implantation of human tissue into mice that have multiple genetic mutations that block the development of the mouse immune system at a very early stage.

The absence of the mouse immune system allows the human tissues to grow and develop into functional human tissues.  As part of this process DARS needs to repeatedly acquire the proper type of tissues.  In order for the humanization to proceed correctly we need to obtain fetal tissue with a specific set of specialized characteristics.

Texas Right to Life has previously reported on these types of experiments.  In the documents released by Judicial Watch, the FDA specifies special characteristics for the baby body parts, including “Age range 16-24 weeks” and “Tissue must be fresh and never frozen.”  As other news outlets have noted, having fetal tissue that was “never frozen” delivered to researchers would require ABR employees to be on the premises of abortion mills collecting “specimens,” the body parts of babies killed only moments before in an elective abortion.

This comes as no surprise.  Since 2015, the Pro-Life group the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has released many videos showing the close relationship between abortion giant Planned Parenthood and ABR, as well as other “procurement agencies” like StemExpress.  This patently illegal trafficking of human body parts for profit led to referrals for investigation of ABR.  Ongoing litigation involving CMP has resulted in horrific admissions under oath from Planned Parenthood abortion business executives and leadership of ABR and StemExpress.

Commenting on the most recent documents detailing the FDA’s involvement in trafficking baby body parts, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said, “These documents are a horror show.  These records show that the FDA was trafficking in human fetal parts.  Incredibly, there continues to be a push to reopen these monstrous experiments!”

The FDA is not unique in using taxpayer dollars to traffic body parts of human beings killed in abortion.  Judicial Watch has also discovered hundreds of pages of documents detailing how the NIH also paid ABR for similar “humanized mice” experiments.  In Texas, at least four medical schools paid for the body parts of aborted babies to conduct unethical experiments using taxpayer dollars.

The documents finally released to the public this year show a lucrative relationship from 2012 to 2018.  There is clear evidence that the sale of baby body parts using taxpayer money would have continued had the Trump Administration not intervened to terminate the contract and launch a probe into other research projects involving human tissue.  The new evidence of widespread anti-Life research paid for with our tax dollars should be a sobering reminder of what is at stake when the Right to Life is undermined at any level of government.



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