54,507 reasons

The numbers don’t lie: Your Pro-Life support and dedication to defending the most vulnerable continues to make a difference in our state.

The latest numbers confirm that abortion is on the decline in Texas.  Statistics for 2016 (the latest year available) show the lowest number of annual abortions in Texas since 1977.  Texas could not have achieved this without YOU.

Dedicated Pro-Life advocates across the Lone Star State ensure that pregnant mothers have resources and support to choose Life.  Because of you, our Pro-Life champions in Austin expanded the Alternatives to Abortion program to bring more resources to women in crisis pregnancies across Texas.  Because of you, preborn babies are now protected from horrific and barbaric dismemberment abortions.  In 2016, you saved 780 lives in Texas.  And your voice is needed now more than ever.

You are the reason the Culture of Life is growing.  As we celebrate this good news, we recognize that there is still much to be done to protect all human lives in Texas.  Although we rejoice in the latest numbers showing historic decline in the number of abortions in Texas, we also mourn for the 54,507 preborn babies who lost their lives to legal abortion in Texas.  We will not stop until every single child is protected in the womb.

That’s why we’re asking for your help.  Because of you, we have come this far, and together we can continue to advance the Pro-Life cause in Texas.  Pro-Life college students, our Pro-Life champions in elected office, and mothers and children across Texas are counting on you.  Join us for the 21st Annual Celebration of Life on September 21, 2018, in Houston to learn what is next for the Pro-Life movement.

You are the reason we celebrate and the reason we hope to defend more innocent human lives in the years to come.  Your dedication to the Pro-Life cause ensures that future generations will have the Right to Life from conception to natural death.  Join us on September 21 to learn how Texas Right to Life is spearheading efforts to expand protections for the preborn, the disabled, and vulnerable hospital patients.

The news that more babies have been saved from abortion in Texas is reason for great celebration.  At the same time, we have 54,507 reasons, the 54,507 preborn lives lost, to continue to fight for the Right to Life in Texas.

We will see you in Houston on September 21, 2018 for the 21st Annual Celebration of Life, and we will rejoice at how far we have come and show you what comes next.  This Celebration of Life is for you!