Op-Ed: Planned Parenthood’s power pose following Hellerstedt decision a bunch of hot air


Following last week’s ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States on two provisions of Texas’ Pro-Life Omnibus Bill (HB 2) (spoiler alert: women lost), Planned Parenthood predictably mounted a soapbox to flex their PR muscles, declare victory, and announce plans to bulldoze Pro-Life state laws across the nation.  There’s just one problem: Planned Parenthood forgot to factor the Pro-Life Majority into their plans.

Last week, Planned Parenthood Action Fund bigwig Helene Krasnoff told the Washington Post that the abortion behemoth plans to target at least eight states with strong Pro-Life, pro-woman laws.  States include Virginia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Michigan, Florida, Arizona, and of course, Texas.  With the wind of a 5-3 Supreme Court ruling in their favor at their backs, Planned Parenthood is laughably power-posing the Pro-Life movement.

The abortion business likely plans to challenge state laws like those contended in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the case abortion zealots brought against two provisions of Texas’ House Bill 2.  That means laws protecting women from conditions like those found in abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s House of Horrors in Philadelphia (which have been a reality in Texas) are now vulnerable to the antics of Big Abortion’s legal teams.

But there is silence from mainstream outlets on the provisions of HB 2 that Hellerstedt didn’t touch; namely, the Preborn Pain provision.  This protection safeguards preborn children who can feel the torture of being ripped limb-from-limb in an abortion after they have reached the halfway point in pregnancy.  Indeed, Hellerstedt reinforced the strong legal foundation on which fetal life protections like the Preborn Pain provision are mounted.  Planned Parenthood and their ilk may have pocketed five SCOTUS justices, but they haven’t come close to dismantling Pro-Life legislation, legal precedent for protecting the unborn, or the momentum of the Pro-Life movement.

In the aforementioned piece, Carol Tobias of National Right to Life told the Washington Post that Planned Parenthood has “decided” that SCOTUS’ ruling on Hellerstedt “is going to give them the leeway to strike down a lot of laws,” but that the decision is by no means carte blanche to upend the hundreds of Pro-Life laws that have been codified across America over the last few momentous years.  Tobias’ colleague, Dave Andrusko, likewise affirmed that Pro-Lifers “have been, are, and will continue to be aggressive in passing Pro-Life laws across the nation and defending them in court, all the way up to the Supreme Court.”

Planned Parenthood likes to puff out their chest and blow smoke at anyone who threatens to impinge on their bottom line, but the reality for Planned Parenthood is that hot air is all that’s left in their arsenal.  Planned Parenthood and their anti-Life allies may manage to walk back several state laws aimed at protecting women seeking abortions, but in terms of the bigger picture, the industry is still playing defense.  For as long as the abortion industry continues to profit from abortion, they will be forced to slow their implosion by investing legion resources into maiming unstoppable Pro-Life legislation all over the United States.  And if the evolving sentiment against abortion from Roe v. Wade to today is any indication of the way Americans trend, Planned Parenthood faces a bleak future.  Very bleak indeed.


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