New Makeup of the Texas House Bodes Well for Pro-Life Priorities

Pro-Life Republicans in Texas bucked the lackluster national election trends in November, winning all statewide offices and even picking up new seats in the Texas House or strengthening representation from districts formerly held by liberal Republicans. 

Five new Republican Pro-Life women who were endorsed by Texas Right to Life will be serving in the 2023 Texas state Legislature. Ellen Troxclair (Austin area), Terri Leo Wilson (Galveston area), Janie Lopez (South Texas), Caroline Harris (Round Rock area), and Carrie Isaac (Central Texas) are all staunchly Pro-Life women with unique credentials to fight for life-saving and family-affirming values. In 2021, there were only seven Republican women in the Texas House. Because of our victories in the 2022 election cycle, that number has doubled, with now 14 Republican women serving in the Texas House.

These women will be joined by two other newcomers in the Texas House: Nate Schatzline (HD 93) and Mark Dorazio (HD 122). These men also bring extensive backgrounds and involvement in Pro-Life policy, and they will be excellent defenders of innocent human Life. 

Texans resoundingly voted FOR Pro-Life elected officials in November, affirming the mandate that Texans are pleased with the Pro-Life laws the Texas Legislature has passed and want those efforts redoubled in this first legislative session free from the deadly shadow of Roe v. Wade. With 86 Republicans set to serve in the Texas House when the Legislature convenes on January 10, 2023, now is the critical window to pass Pro-Life Priorities.

In this first session post-Roe, the Texas Legislature is in a critical window for the Pro-Life movement. We must:

  • Enforce our strong Pro-Life laws and hold the abortion industry accountable to those laws;
  • Build a fully Pro-Life state, where preborn and born children, their mothers, and families can flourish without the scourge of abortion; and
  • Protect all innocent human life, including the lives of vulnerable patients in Texas hospitals.

These seven newly-elected Texas House members will be a vital component of accomplishing these Pro-Life Priorities in the 2023 legislative session.

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