New abortion mill opens in Houston


Houston Women’s Reproductive Services, the 21st abortion mill in Texas and the sixth in Houston, opened this past May, greatly endangering preborn children and pregnant women.  


This mill specializes in administering RU 486, more commonly known as “the abortion pill.”  


Boasting of having “created something that’s different from clinics in the area,” the abortion mill claims, “Our office is calm with a relaxed and comfortable environment.”  But the pristine office, located in a six-story building in the Houston Heights, belies the truly evil acts committed in this so called “safe environment.”


The opening of Houston Women’s Reproductive Services follows closely the 86th Texas Legislature fumbling the so-called “Super Bowl Session.”  The recent failure of politicians to stop abortions signals that Texas is an easy and open target for the anti-Life agenda.  Abortionists from New York and California are already targeting Texas, trying to infect our Pro-Life state with their anti-Life lies.  


Texans everywhere must pick a side: death or Life.


Thankfully, Houston Coalition for Life’s first organized prayer vigil outside the new abortion mill last Friday demonstrated that Pro-Lifers will not leave our community unguarded.


Seventy-one women and 19 men prayed that morning, standing in the gap between Life and death.


The coalition will expand their Stand and Pray program with Pro-Life advocates in front of Houston Women’s Reproductive Services praying, distributing factual materials, and offering a truly safe space for the mothers and their preborn children.


Houston neither needs nor wants another abattoir that preys on women and children for profit.

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