Good News: Right to Life Bill to be Heard Mon.

If you believe in the Right to Life – not just for the unborn but for EVERY innocent person – stand up right now!

Did you know? The Texas 10-Day Rule removes life-and-death decisions from patients and families and lets a hospital committee decide if you live or die. The law only gives you 10 days’ notice before they take away life-sustaining treatment against your will.

This is a critical deadline: On Monday, state representatives in Austin will consider a bill that would strengthen protections for Texas hospital patients endangered by the anti-Life 10-Day Rule.

🚨 >> We need YOU to submit a public comment to the Texas House committee supporting this critical legislation before midnight on Monday.

(Don’t worry; we made it easy! Just click the link and copy and paste the following message to submit a public comment to the committee.)

  • 1) Fill out your contact information.
    Under “Organization / Representing,” write “Self.”
  • 2) Select HB 3162 by Klick
  • 3) Copy and paste the text below. You can also personalize your message if you want.
  • 4) Click “Submit” on the bottom right of the page.

Text to copy and paste:

I support HB 3162. This bill is an important first step at providing better protection for Texas patients who currently face the anti-Life 10-Day Rule. Patients deserve a more humane process and need more time to allow them to find a new provider to continue their life-sustaining treatment, honor their medical decision, and secure their Right to Life. Patients should not be discriminated against based on their “quality of life.” I support adding more days to the 10-day countdown and ensuring protection against discrimination based on disability. Please vote in favor of HB 3162.

Feel free to personalize your message and include your own story if a hospital ever opposed your Pro-Life values. This information is public, so please be mindful of the information you include in your public comment.

The Pro-Life bill helps to fix the current broken process that enables a hospital to override a patient’s advance directive or medical power of attorney. After only 10 days’ notice, a hospital has full immunity to pull the plug, usually resulting in the patient’s death.

Texas Right to Life’s Patient Advocacy Team has served many patients and families faced with having their life-sustaining treatment removed through the 10-Day Rule. You can read about these patient stories here. We are one of the only groups working on this legislation that personally advocates for these patients and fights for their Right to Life.

The 10-Day Rule can be used against anyone, anytime. Vulnerable Texans need you to speak on their behalf to fix this dangerous law.

Send a message to the committee asking them to support the bill.

⏰ Deadline: Monday, April 17 at 11:59 p.m.

Make an even bigger impact >> Forward this message to your Pro-Life friends and family!

Thank you for standing for Life and being a voice for the defenseless!