URGENT Prayer Request! Patients Face 10-Day Countdown


Please pray for two patients facing the deadly 10-Day Rule.

Yes, the 10-Day Rule is STILL hurting people and this is happening RIGHT NOW. This week we received TWO desperate phone calls from the families of beloved patients who are being threatened with the 10-Day Rule.

In Texas, a hospital may cut off life-sustaining treatment on any patient against their will or the will of their family by imposing a 10-day countdown.

The horrible 10-Day Rule can be used against anyone. Even as you read this, two Texas patients are facing a 10-day countdown.

Both these patients are awake, but the hospitals are still using the 10-Day Rule to prompt their deaths.

Bill is being treated at Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Temple, TX. He was hospitalized in mid-April in order to see a cardiac specialist due to heart complications. Normally, he is a very active fellow who absolutely loves going everywhere with his beloved wife of 33 years. Together they have one daughter whom they love dearly. Bill has been living a very active and meaningful life. Even now, he is awake, nods appropriately to questions, follows some commands, and reports no pain.

Patient U. is being treated at a North Texas hospital. He is a husband and father of two young children. A software engineer, Patient U. was leading a very active, full life when he was hospitalized for a lung infection. He, too, is awake.

Both cases will be heard by hospital committees at the beginning of this coming week. These committees will decide whether to begin the deadly 10-day countdown to end Bill’s and Patient U.’s lives.

Will you lift Bill and Patient U. up in prayer right now? Share this message with your friends and family to spread the word.

The families have come to us for help against the awful 10-Day Rule. We are going to do everything we possibly can to save Bill and Patient U.

Within the next 72 hours, Texas Right to Life staff will:

  • Research and review medical records to build the case;
  • Gather resources and information; and
  • Travel 692 miles roundtrip to each hospital to defend the patients in the ethics committee meetings.

First, please pray for Bill, Patient U., their families, and our patient advocacy team.

Second, if you are able, will you consider a sacrificial gift to our Patient Advocacy Fund right now?

We hope to stop the 10-day countdowns before they start. This will not be cheap. But this is what is needed to save Bill and Patient U.

Most importantly, please pray for Bill and Patient U.

Thank you so much for your generosity for Life.


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  1. Judy Brotsch on

    Biden I do not believe in the 10 day rule or killing innocent babies and people the. Way you are doing, get a heart and stop this nonsense

  2. Constance Wilke on

    Praying for healing and total restoration! Terrible rule!! Must be overturned ASAP. People deserve the right to receive proper medical care. Dear Lord, move in the elected officials heart to change this rule. Give the TRTL representatives wisdom and guidance to stop these actions by the hospitals.

  3. Cynthia Beard on

    Lord please withe these 2 individuals who are fighting for their right to live please let the Dr’s know that they want to live please put your loving arms around them and their families give them hope for a future in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

  4. Marilynn Reeves on

    In no way is the 10 day right, man is trying to play GOD.
    Seems like today everything is about the dollar.

  5. Debbie Williams on

    The 10 day rule needs to be abolished. It is not right and I believe it is against the constitution. It should be the patients wish if they are of sound mind and able to communicate in any way. If not, it should be the families choice to make the decision for their relative.

    It in no way should be the choice of some stranger!

  6. Debbie Williams on

    The 10 day rule needs to be abolished. It is not right and I believe it is against the constitution. Stop this now!
    Prayers for these 2 men and their family!

  7. Theresa Hall on

    Father, please place the body of armor on Bill and Patient U, surround both of them with your guardian angels and heal them Father. Give those who are making choices against the rights of your creation to be bound by everything you can Father. This man made law goes against human rights to life and all because of doctors seeing a dollar sign. Father give them discipline and place a strong hold against their desire to take the breath of life from even one person. Father, we love you and we trust you for what you will is shall it be for the enemy is upon us but as we come to you we thank you for your love and the life we know. Please crush the enemy of this world and protect us Father. Protect all people from such horrific battles. Bill and Patient U are battling to live and as they do battle those want to take away their armor. Please Father do not allow this to happen, please give them new stronger armor and heal their bodies. I pray in Jesus name who in Calvary died so all may be forgiven and I love him also and thank him dearly. Amen

  8. Patricia Schultz on

    I pray this 10-day rule is stopped; it never should have been started to begin with! The people who are on the Boards at hospitals should know better than to play God! They should know better than to play with people’s lives this way! They will have to stand before God Almighty and answer for all those they have shown no mercy…

  9. Loretta Coffee Riddle on

    I am on fixed income. Yes, I am praying for Bill and Patient U. God hear and answer our prayers. Watch over them and their beloved families. Lord please put and end yo the biden administration and Democrats.They are going too far with their inhuman acts, that is your decision not theirs. I ask in Jesus name according to your will. Amen

  10. Patricia Stancoff on

    No one but ME & My designated person to advocate for me has the right to decide if I will cease treatment. That treatment will be between my physician & me & will continued or will cease upon my decision, not by state or hospital mandates. Only my God will make the decision if or when to call me to His home…neither humanity nor a government set up by human beings has that right over me!!!


    My prayers are with both patients! Lord God, You know what’s going on! This bill should not be passed! What they are trying to do is kill these 2 men! But Lord, if it is Your will, they will not die! You have the last say in anyone’s life! Not man! Biden is president, but he is not YOU! YOU ARE GOD!! So Lord, please let Your will be done! In the Almighty name of Yeshua Hamashaich πŸ™ŒπŸ•ŠοΈπŸ›βœοΈ

  12. John Archer on

    Only God knows the end of our days. He knows,not the hospital before we were in our mother’s womb the number of our days. I pray πŸ™ that you be blessed in all your ways. In Jesus name

  13. Robin wilson on

    If a person has a brain that is still active & a heart that beats = the person is still alive then they sometimes tell people in the room that they heard their conversation when the person awakens from their slumber. This tells me that after 10 day pulling a plug on them is in wrong & is inhumane in my personal opinion.
    The 10 day should not be regulated by any one but the doctor and the family makes the final decision.

  14. Please, Dear GOD Please don’t let this rule pass! Only You can determine when a person lives or time fir them to die! Strike down this Bill with Your Fury, In Jesus Precious β€œName I Pray!!!πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ₯°

  15. The family is the only one rhat matters and the person right what he or she wants

  16. I going to get
    A hold of Sen Cruz, and gov Abbbat and ask whose idea this is. The constitution says we have the right to life and the pursuit of happiness. It ought to be the patient
    Choice.. πŸ“–βœοΈπŸ•Š
    GOD is the only one who knows our expiration date.

  17. Freda G Lovell on

    To save lives in the Name of Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior the King of All!!