URGENT: Cook Children’s to pull plug on 9-month baby


Update: A court granted more time to Baby Tinslee but the fight is not finished. Read more here.

Baby Tinslee Lewis is scheduled to die TOMORROW as Cook Children’s Fort Worth will pull the plug on the 9-month-old against her mother’s will.

CALL Cook Children’s now, ask to speak to Stan Davis, then tell him to save Tinslee! 682-885-4000 or stan.davis@cookchildrens.org

Baby Tinslee is a 9-month-old girl with congenital heart disease and is breathing with the assistance of a ventilator.  She is sedated but conscious. Cook Children’s Fort Worth Hospital informed Tinslee’s mother, Trinity, on October 31 that they would pull the plug on her daughter against her directive in 10 days, scheduling her to die tomorrow, November 10, under the Texas 10-Day Rule.  The hospital committee cited no physical health reason for their decision to seize Tinslee’s ventilator against her mother’s will but instead cited their own “quality of life” judgments. Now, Baby Tinslee’s mother is in a race against the clock to save her daughter. Texas Right to Life provided a lawyer to defend the patient after the family contacted us for help, but the Texas 10-Day Rule legally allows this form of euthanasia.  The hospital needs to hear from you!

Call Cook Children’s now!  Ask to speak to administrator Stan Davis and tell him to save Baby Tinslee Lewis!  682-885-4000 or stan.davis@cookchildrens.org

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  1. OMgosh! I just read this, how horrific! I prayed for Tinslee, such a beautiful little girl. There is so much evil right now, I prayed that God would protect and save her, he is God Almighty! I am crying for Tinslee and her Mom, the video was so sweet, very loving Mom and well cared for baby, These evil people want to kill our babies and children, all for money and their evil desires. They are heartless. I hope Jesus will come back soon, the world has gotten dark and unloving. I will continue to pray for Tinslee, such a pretty name too. God Bless you Tinslee and I am asking Jesus to send his angles to surround you and protect you precious!

  2. I feel that is MURDER. WHO made them God??
    You do know God knows each EVIL you do.
    God Bless baby Tinslee.

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