Ultrasound saves twins in Arkansas

Twin boys, due on Christmas day 2010, were given the opportunity to be born because a young mother saw her ultrasound.  Maria Maldonado was working as a sidewalk counselor outside an abortion clinic where 19-year-old Daniella entered to obtain an abortion.  As Daniella entered the clinic, Maria asked to look at her ultrasound.  According to Arkansas Catholic, “What I said to her, I don’t remember exactly, because the Holy Spirit gives me the right words. I did tell her to please ask to see the ultrasound.”

Upon viewing her ultrasound, Daniella learned that she was carrying twin boys.  When she asked the due date, she found that it was December 25.  Daniella says, “I received three signs that day. The first was Miss Maria; the second was that I was having twins; and the third was that I was due on Christmas. It was meant for me not to do it.”