Two Dozen Texas Churches Declare Themselves Abortion “Havens”

A disturbing number of Christian churches across Texas are taking stances against Roe v. Wade’s reversal in support of the killing of babies through abortion. Displaying a callous disregard for human Life, these churches have begun declaring themselves abortion “safe havens.” 

Partnering with an organization called “Reproductive Freedom Congregations,” these anti-Life churches seek to provide “spiritual counseling” for pregnant women seeking an abortion, schedule out of state abortion appointments, and cover abortion travel expenses, supposedly all in the name of Jesus. 

Though these churches masquerade as pro-woman, abortion is not love and does not truly help women in any way. If nowhere else, church is the one place women should be able to receive love and support. Yet, in pursuit of some progressive status on the left, these churches completely neglect their duty to protect the littlest of God’s children and instead lie to pregnant mothers by telling them that abortion is the best option. 

In 2019, University Baptist Church in Austin became the first church in this movement to oppose preborn babies’ Right to Life. Now these so-called “Reproductive Freedom Congregations” number over two dozen. The express goal of these churches is to fight against the defense of Life by exposing all pregnant women to abortion. 

Two dozen of these pro-abortion churches is two dozen too many! Especially now with the end of Roe, we must focus on offering pregnant women real support and care that helps them have healthy pregnancies and sets them up for success in life. The destruction of the innocent child in her womb is the last thing a pregnant mother needs. Abortion is neither compassionate nor respectful as these congregations claim. 

The truth is that women are stronger than society tells them. As Christians we are called not to preach the social progressivism of the day but to offer true care and love, especially to women who may be in difficult pregnancy situations. 

Instead of sending women to suffer at the hands of abortionists, Christians and their churches can partner with local pregnancy centers that give free resources, help, and support to women in need.

By helping at a pregnancy resource center we can lovingly walk alongside women during and after pregnancy. As Christians we must do better to stand up for women and for the innocent preborn lives threatened by abortion.

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