Three days to protect Life — your support is required right now

Friend —

Can you imagine nearly every abortion center in Texas closing?  I can, and we are so close to that victory!  Senate Bill 5, being debated on the floor of our State House now, would force these clinics to comply with new rules or close. Most would close. But we only have 72 hours!

The abortion lobby is desperate to stop us. As I write, they are crowding the Texas Capitol with their minions in hopes of stopping Pro-Life legislation.

They fear that we are on the path to closing all of their abortion centers in Texas. SB 5 would save 10,000 tiny Texas babies each year so the abortion people are panicked.

They even staged a “citizen-filibuster” to disrupt debate in the Texas Capitol during a hearing.

During a hearing about Senate Bill 5, abortion zealots turned into an angry mob when they learned that Texas' duly-elected legislators (who served on that committee) decided to vote in favor of Life. This resulted in police officers confiscating banned equipment and ousting those who would not follow the hearing rules!

These caustic riots lasted until 4am!

We know wherever the billion-dollar abortion industry goes, they leave a path of destruction, so we need to move fast.

TODAY, Sunday, June 23rd, State Representative Jodie Laubenberg (R-Rockwall) will heroically carry the bill (SB 5) to final passage on the House floor.

But as I write, the forces of death are using every stall tactic to kill the bill. Over 50 amendments are proposed to extend the debate past the time deadline. The discussion on the amendments will use the maximum time allowed to run the clock.

Only 72 hours are left in the Special Session, and the abortion advocates can count the minutes, too.

Texas Right to Life's team remains stationed in the State Capitol, doing all that we can to help Senate Bill 5 pass. We, not to mention the unborn, are within striking distance of victory, but also in the danger zone. We must ensure that Senate Bill 5 does not fall prey AGAIN to the tricks of the abortion industry.

Keep us on the tip of the spear for these last three days of the Special Session by immediately sending $25, $250, $700, or even $2,000!

Unfortunately, hundreds of abortion advocates have come today to the Capitol to bully our legislators with their desire for free, unfettered access to abortion at any stage of pregnancy, including secret abortions for minors, and abortions on preborn children with disabilities.

Friend, who are the real extremists? Texas Right to Life who pushes to protect life? Or the ones who want to cover up the recent expose on Texas’ own Gosnell, Douglas Karpen, the Houston abortionist accused of twisting the heads off fully-birthed newborns? Who is exploiting women? Who is extreme?

Our budget is $46,500 for this final push to pass the strongest, most effective Pro-Life bill in Texas history. We cannot hold anything back in this final campaign. Please send help to the front. $15, $40, $150, $1,000, or even $5,000 will go directly to this Austin Special Session.

The victimized babies — brutally killed after their live births, and the woman murdered in the Gosnell mill have taught these zealots nothing about the need to truly protect women from the predators in the so-called “safe and compassionate” abortion centers.

Abortion advocates have learned nothing from the Gosnell debacle; these sad, wounded souls cling to “safe and rare abortions,” while turning a blind eye to substandard conditions at late abortion centers.

Let me be clear: If Texas Right to Life was not on the ground 24/7, many legislators would not have the confidence, facts, and arguments to support Pro-Life legislation.

Friend, please keep your Pro-Life headquarters, Texas Right to Life, in our urgent place: by the side of legislators in Austin during this emergency Special Session. Only 72 hours remain!

With your help over the next three days and long nights, we will run the race that lies ahead of us.

Dispel the abortion industry's lies by keeping Texas Right to Life in Austin during this emergency session by immediately following this link to contribute $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500.

Again, we only have THREE days, and we're up against the bottomless pit of blood money flowing to the abortion lobby sent here to spread misinformation. Your urgent emergency support is needed right now.

The final battle has begun.

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Yours for Life,