Soros, Planned Parenthood, and the forces of death can be defeated


George Soros and his billionaire buddies of Democracy Alliance convened last weekend at the Biltmore in Miami to scheme by the lagoon pool for a weekend over how they would increase their stranglehold on American politics and defend Planned Parenthood.

Frankly, I don’t have a problem with this.  It’s a free country.  Well, sorta.  If you’re born and healthy.

What bothers me is that we are just giving it to them.  That is, too many of us think politics are dirty and won’t get near them.

Soros and his cronies search out the dirtiest officials who can be bought and then they give them the financial support necessary to win, hold office, and wreak havoc.

However, despite all the millions dropped by Soros and groups like Planned Parenthood, these people can be beat.  Texas Right to Life has proven it.

In the last Texas Legislative Session, we dealt the biggest political defeat to Planned Parenthood in their 95-year sordid history.  We took away millions of our tax dollars that perennially head to the abortion giant in Texas. We are now training other states how they, too, can remove their state tax-dollars.

Soros, Planned Parenthood, and the forces of death can be defeated.  But not if we refuse to take to the battlefield.

Texas Right to Life has traveled the state interviewing men and women who are running for office who are just as Pro-Life as you and I are.  These endorsed candidates truly seek to advance the Culture of Life and build the Kingdom of God.

But they need our help.

We have mailed over 170,000 pieces of mail this week into targeted districts to provide our endorsed candidates with the margin of victory.

These men and women who seek to serve you need a final push from us.

We have one week for our final political efforts.

I am asking you to do what I did to start this campaign: I personally wrote the biggest political contribution I have ever made to the Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee.

Will you join me?

Friend, I wrote you a letter a couple of weeks ago explaining our battle plan.  Will you please contribute immediately a gift of $[[amount]]?

We have studied the candidates’ surveys, we have personally interviewed the candidates, and we have endorsed those individuals who will fight the pawns of Soros and Planned Parenthood.

Politics is another world that is very confusing. The master of this earth likes it that way.

However, we have made it simple for you. We have identified 22 key races that we must win. Send us an urgent and immediate gift to make certain we win these races.

If we lose these races our tax dollars will return to the abortion Goliath, Planned Parenthood.

It’s that simple.

May 29 is rapidly approaching.  Donate right now so that we can fund these key races. Not one cent of your gift goes for salaries or to professional fundraisers.  Your money will go into a race where the winner will make a real difference.

Don’t just give these elections to George Soros and Planned Parenthood.

We are so close to victory.  Please send the biggest political gift you have ever made today.

Friend, please send $[[amount]] right now.

If you have any questions, please email or call me directly on my cell at 713-299-3751.


Yours for Life,