Protect babies who may have disabilities from abortion!

Friend —

I just received this brutal letter from Planned Parenthood.

In it, Planned Parenthood's Texas director said laws that protect babies from abortion because they are handicapped are “cruel.”

You read that right. She said that about a Pro-Life amendment that would ban “access to abortion after 20 weeks for women with severe fetal anomalies.”

Unfortunately -– but as one would expect — Planned Parenthood is trying to kill this effort, and legislators had to pull the entire bill because of the parliamentary moves of the forces of death!

But we're not going to give up if you don't give up on us! This amendment protects the most vulnerable of us all: innocent unborn babies who may have a disability.

Friend, I need to know if you'll have our back as Texas makes a decision. Are we going to be a state that kills the unborn because they are disabled or might be disabled, or are we going to be a state that protects Life, no matter the disability?

Will you send a message to legislators in Austin to stand against the billion-dollar abortion industry and protect these little babies? If so, click and follow this link to donate $100 or more to your Pro-Life Headquarters, Texas Right to Life.

I need to be frank: This is one of the most difficult legislative sessions we have ever faced. With only 35 more days to go, I need you to know that there has not been a SINGLE Pro-Life bill that has been passed! This is exactly what the abortion lobby wants, and it's time to turn this around!

Send a message to our representatives in Austin who are supposed to work for us that Texas stands for Life, especially the innocent unborn who may have a disability.

Please click and follow this link to protect them with an immediate contribution of $150, $250, $300, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000 or more!

We only have 35 days to go! Please donate right now!

Yours for their Lives,