Pro-Life Republican Files for Recount in Razor-Thin South Texas Senate Race


Pro-Life Republican Adam Hinojosa requested a recount Wednesday after his nail-biter race for a state Senate seat along the Texas border.

Hinojosa, endorsed by Texas Right to Life PAC, finished just 659 votes behind his Democrat opponent. Senate District 27 saw 175,415 total votes in the November election.

“In any election with such a small margin of victory, even very small mistakes in the counting of the vote could have enough impact to change the final result,” Hinojosa said in a statement.

He asked for a recount in three counties “in which there were large numbers of paper or mail-in ballots… If honest mistakes were made in the counting, it would only be significant in a place where large numbers of paper or mail-in ballots were cast.”

If the recount shifts the election in Hinojosa’s favor, his victory would flip this blue district red on the southern border for the first time in decades.

Senate District 27 was previously represented by Eddie Lucio Jr. for 30 years, one of the rare Democrats who courageously fought to protect the preborn despite the increasingly radical abortion views of his party.

However, the Democrat running to replace him, Morgan LaMantia, is radically pro-abortion and endorsed by Planned Parenthood.

In a livestream with Planned Parenthood, LaMantia said that she “[does]not agree with Senator Lucio’s position on LGBTQ+ rights or on SB 8 [the Texas Heartbeat Act]” and that “when it comes to SB 8… that is a line I draw in the sand. That is a line that we can’t cross, because we have to fight for those rights.”

Hinojosa believes in the sanctity of human Life from fertilization until natural death and would be a staunch supporter of the Right to Life in the state Senate.

Pro-abortion groups tripled their donations, but hundreds of Pro-Life donors have left the battlefield because they think the fight is over.

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