Pray for Texas

Thank you for your constant prayers and support, especially during these days of tribulation.

All Texas Right to Life employees are physically safe; although, several have left their homes for safety, either by choice or as part of a mandatory evacuation.  To date, no Texas Right to Life staffer has had water enter her or his home.

Our Texas Right to Life headquarters is in the southwest part of Houston on the second floor of a relatively new office building, and we do not expect any damage or loss.  For safety, as always, all our data has been backed up off-site.  Any received gifts were deposited in the bank prior to our closure.

We keep our supporters, our partners, in our prayers, especially those known and unknown to us who have suffered damage to their homes and property.

I will continue to brief you as information becomes available to me.

Please add your name and prayer request to the comment section below.

Yours for Life,

Jim Graham