My Experience Learning to Defend Life as a Texas Right to Life Fellow

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Texas Right to Life’s Pro-Life Fellowship “newbie” training. My younger sister, a second-year Fellow in the program, gushed constantly about how awesome the experience was and all the wonderful, passionately Pro-Life people she met. She told me stories of valiant young men and women who were on fire to defend Life at every stage.

When I arrived to training last month in San Antonio, it was even more incredible than I expected! The week was jam-packed with eye-opening lectures from amazing speakers. I truly felt like I was being formed in the Pro-Life movement. I became even more excited to spread the Pro-Life message to change the world from the inside out.

My new Pro-Life skills were tested almost immediately after I finished the training. Though I was still nervous about facing down the anti-Life abortion movement, I was excited to stand up for the vulnerable.

In the weeks right after newbie training I had many conversations with women and men who misunderstood the horror of abortion and the beauty and truth of the Pro-Life movement.

Once I returned from San Antonio, I found myself speaking with a family friend who called herself “conditionally Pro-Life.” She believed that if a woman decided to abort her baby, it would be better to help her get a “safe” abortion with a doctor rather than a “back-alley abortion.”

At that moment, all the lessons and wisdom I’d gained from the training and speakers rushed over me. I lovingly and confidently conveyed to her that no matter the circumstances, abortion is never safe and always destroys an innocent child.

To my joy, my family friend thanked me after our conversation for helping her understand the issues more clearly.

A few days later, after the reversal of Roe v. Wade, social media became a warzone. An old classmate reached out to me, perplexed that I rejoiced over the end of Roe when all the other friends she knew were upset. Thanks to the training, I responded to her with the most eloquent message I have probably ever written in my life.

The skills and knowledge I gained at the Fellowship newbie training forged and strengthened me to be a defender of Life. As we enter an era after Roe v. Wade and enraged anti-Lifers introduce new threats against innocent Life, I am so grateful that the Fellowship training has equipped and prepared me perfectly for such a time as this.

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