Make sure Texas has Pro-Life officials who will not give one cent to deny the life to unborn Texans!

Friend —

Once again, Planned Parenthood swarmed the State Capitol with an entourage of abortion activists.

During a hearing on women's health, the madcaps demanded Texas to fork over money to Planned Parenthood for “family-planning” and for “safe, legal abortion.”

THIS — in addition to the $3.8 million dollars already coming from taxpayers like you and me.

Be confident that Texas Right to Life will not let Planned Parenthood continue this scheme to force us to fund their billion-dollar abortion business!

However, we can only keep funds for women’s health clean when Pro-Life legislators stand up to the abortion extremists.

Now is the time to make sure that men and women are elected who will stand for life — even when standing is difficult.

The political arm of Texas Right to Life is engaging in our largest-ever campaign to elect true, Pro-Life candidates who are not afraid to stand up to Planned Parenthood.

Many of our endorsements are against entrenched Republicans who pay lip-service to the cause on the campaign trail and then join in back-room chicanery once in Austin.

What happens in Austin no longer stays in Austin. You, the taxpayer and citizen, must know how your elected officials are spending your money.  

Will you make sure that Texas elects strong, Pro-Life candidates vetted by and endorsed by Texas Right to Life?

We need officials who will not give Planned Parenthood one cent to deny life to tiny unborn Texans.

Stand by our side as we fight to elect strong Pro-Life candidates.

Stand for life once again, with an emergency contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, or even $1,000!

Early voting has already started and the clock is ticking.

Please donate right now!  

Thank you for all you do to support Life,