Lubbock Sanctuary City for the Unborn Ordinance Earns Support of Texas’s Largest Pro-Life Group

Texas Right to Life issued an open letter urging Mayor Dan Pope and the members of Lubbock City Council to pass the Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance. A law firm with ties to Planned Parenthood (Olson & Olson LLP) recently gave the city an inaccurate legal analysis of the local policy. The letter refutes the erroneous arguments made by Olson & Olson LLP and encourages the city council that they are on firm legal ground to pass the Pro-Life ordinance.

Click here to read the open letter.

Texas Right to Life fully supports the effort to pass the Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance in Lubbock. We applaud the Lubbockites who have worked tirelessly to bring this issue before their city council. The petition circulated by Lubbock citizens to require the city council to publicly consider and vote on the ordinance gathered over 5,000 signatures, well above the 3,651 signatures that are required. 

Since June 2019, local governments have passed the ordinance declaring abortion to be murder and preventing abortion businesses from opening in their communities. Fifteen cities and counting are now Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn. In fact, just recently, the Republican Party of Texas included their official support for the ordinance in their 2020 Platform. Mayor Pope and the Lubbock City Council still have the opportunity to protect their community from being preyed upon by the abortion industry. Texas Right to Life will continue to urge the mayor and city council to preserve the health and safety of their citizens, including their preborn children, rather than using Olson & Olson’s faulty legal criticisms as an excuse to stand by as the nation’s largest abortion business moves into Lubbock.