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In last week’s episode of LifeTalk, Texas Right to Life staffers Melissa Conway and Elizabeth McClung joined Life Dynamics leaders Mark Crutcher and Renee Hobbs to discuss the issues most relevant to Pro-Life believers today.  Topics of the episode included Texas’ clash with the Supreme Court of the United States over the women’s health protections of House Bill 2; “do-it-yourself” abortions; and a new initiative of Life Dynamics aimed at arresting public attention with punchy videos exposing the abortion industry’s dirtiest secrets.

Abortion Pushers Misconstrue Data to Fault HB 2 for Women’s Health Concerns

In June, the Supreme Court struck down the women’s health provisions of House Bill 2, the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill of the 2013 Legislative Session which Texas Right to Life played an integral role in passing.

Interestingly, the abortion industry plaintiffs in the case left provisions of the law protecting preborn children untouched, likely aware that efforts to challenge the settled science of preborn pain on which the provisions are predicated would prove futile.  Because HB 2’s prohibition of abortion past twenty weeks of pregnancy (in most cases) still stands strong, those Texas babies continue to enjoy state-sanctioned protection from the predatory abortion industry.  At the end of the day, women lost when the abortion industry launched the assault on HB 2 – which is ironic, since women are supposedly the abortion industry’s sole feigned concern.

Abortion backers have attempted to imply that a decline in the abortion rate subsequent to the implementation of House Bill 2 somehow affected the health and well-being of Texas women – specifically low-income Hispanic women.  However, analyses have utterly failed to demonstrate that a steep decline in the number of abortions Texas women underwent negatively impacted their health.  Some abortion proponents have been so desperate to vilify the women’s health protections of HB 2 that they have thwarted research integrity by basing sham, debunked “studies” on hearsay.

Abortion Zealots Push “DIY” Abortions

Some radical abortion supporters are using fear-mongering about Pro-Life laws and the reduced abortion rate to push dangerous self-induced abortion methods which would be catastrophic to women.  Crutcher noted during the show that pushing for self-induced abortion flies in the face of everything the abortion industry deceptively claims to stand for, i.e., women’s health and rights.  In the past, abortion zealots created harrowing DIY tutorials for medically untrained individuals to commit surgical abortions.  Today, however, the most popular method of “DIY” abortion is the off-label use of abortion-causing drugs, such as the ulcer medication misoprostol.  Taken in specific doses, misoprostol induces labor contractions, causing a woman’s body to expel her preborn child.  But this method – even when done legally – is dangerous for women and, of course, fatal to preborn victims.

When committed in abortion mills, these drug cocktails are called “medication abortion,” and typically consist of two drugs, together referred to as the “RU-486.”  The first drug, mifepristone, cuts off the baby’s nourishment, causing him or her to die in utero.  Misoprostol is taken next in an attempt to expel the dead baby.  However, even when women undergo these abortions with doctor supervision, incomplete abortion is a common outcome, and surgical means are employed to complete the abortion.  In what worldview is this hellish process pro-woman?

Among the women’s health provisions of HB 2, medication abortions committed in Texas must be carried out under physician supervision according to FDA protocol.  But in states like California, “telemed” methods permit abortionists to dispense these dangerous drugs without ever meeting their patient face-to-face.  California also allows non-physician medical staff to dispense the drugs to women.

New Life Dynamics Video Series Takes Aim at Planned Parenthood

Finally, last week’s episode of LifeTalk closed with a segment about a new Life Dynamics initiative called “Fast Forward,” a video project aimed at delivering hard-hitting information about Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry in short video clips.  The first clip was featured near the end of the episode.  The video capitalizes on Life Dynamics’ longstanding Child Predators project, which exposes the abortion industry’s airtight complicity with child abuse and predation.

You can watch the full episode here and visit the LifeTalkTV YouTube page for more episodes.


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