I would never have an abortion, but

“I would never have an abortion, but I could never tell someone else they should not have an abortion.”    

“I would never have an abortion, but who am I to take away someone else's right to have an abortion?”    

All too often, especially in the atmosphere of a college campus, pro-lifers hear these excuses from those who are trying to reconcile their morals and the social pressure to be politically correct on issues of Life.  The Culture of Death is all around us: in our courts, our legislatures, our hospitals, our schools, and even in our churches.  

First of all, a woman's “right” to an abortion was made legal when seven out of nine males sitting on the bench in our country's highest court in Washington D.C. ruled that the states could not prohibit abortion until the baby was viable outside of the womb, and even then, there are exceptions.  It is not a right that is based on Biblical principles, and arguably not even based on principles of the U.S. Constitution.  As a Pro-Life activist, the sentiment that “I would never have an abortion, but I would not tell someone else what they should do with their body” is incredibly frustrating.  Why is the Life you carry inside of your body more valuable than the Life growing inside of the girl sitting next to you in biology lab or the Life growing inside the waitress at your favorite restaurant?   

The laws governing our society do not allow people to engage in behavior that is life threatening to others around them.  We do not allow a man to kill his wife simply because she is making his life inconvenient or has the potential to be a burden to him.  Why, then, do we allow a woman to kill her child simply because being pregnant or having a child is inconvenient or potentially burdensome?  

As citizens of a democratic society, we enjoy certain freedoms and personal liberties.  However, our freedoms cease when the act of exercising those freedoms infringes on the rights of others.  A pregnant woman infringes on her child's right to Life by killing the baby inside her womb.  Abortion-on-demand legalizes one group of people imposing their will over another group of people resulting on an infringement of the most basic right, that of Life.