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You empower college students on the front lines of the Pro-Life movement.  Not only are they changing hearts and minds on college campuses, but they are also getting involved in activism and offering support to mothers in need.  

Read a few of the ways you made a Pro-Life impact on campuses and communities through the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship this semester! 

University of North Texas Eagles for Life

The Eagles for Life at the University of North Texas heard about a young mother on campus and reached out to see if they could help her.  They raised $300 by reaching out to local churches. Eagles for Life provided a nursing cover, a body pillow, and other postpartum items for the new mom!

University of Houston Coogs for Life

This year the Coogs for Life at the University of Houston started a scholarship for pregnant and parenting students and raised $5,000!  Four moms earned scholarships this semester after interviewing with the group. Coogs for Life originally planned a ceremony for April 18 to honor and award their recipients, but due to the spread of the coronavirus, they will simply mail checks.  In response to interest from the moms, they will organize a support group for parenting students at University of Houston. 

University of Dallas Crusaders for Life

In January, the University of Dallas Crusaders for Life sent over 40 students to the March for Life in Washington, D.C.  They hosted bake sales, wrote letters, and reached out to local churches to raise $20,370, which they used to buy airfare and food for the students.  For many of the students, this was their first time attending the March for Life in D.C. The group plans to return every other year to let more UD students have the same opportunity!

Our Lady of the Lake University

At Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, the Pro-Life Saints gained seven members!  Beginning the year with only 3 officers and no members, the new boost provided much-needed encouragement for Pro-Life Saints!  The members attend regular meetings and spread the Pro-Life message into their classrooms and through their hobbies. One student used her talent for creating art to share the Pro-Life message, while several others decided to write papers on fetal development after the Pro-Life Saints hosted a trivia night based on the same topic. 

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The Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship transforms passionate college students into the leaders of the Pro-Life movement, training them in leadership, apologetics, and compassionate activism.  Thank you for equipping the next generation of Pro-Life leaders!


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