Extremists buy “abortion is freedom” billboards in Texas sanctuary city for the unborn


In the wake of the City of Waskom’s courageous move to ban abortion and prohibit any abortion providers from setting up shop within their city limits, anti-Life groups have responded with a characteristically petty display: purchasing billboards that proclaim the appalling message “Abortion is Freedom” and direct women to a website claiming they “need abortion.”  The Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity, a group that pays for other people’s abortions, and NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, an abortion advocacy group, joined forces to fund the twisted public relations stunt.

In response to the billboards, Mark Dickson of Right to Life East Texas denounced the move: “If NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and the Lilith Fund want to spend more money on billboards… we welcome them to do so.  After all, the more money they spend on billboards, the less money they can spend on funding the murder of innocent unborn children.”

In fact, the abortion lobby should prepare to buy MORE billboards because the Pro-Life sanctuary city initiative is just beginning!  Texas Right to Life is helping more cities follow Waskom’s lead to outlaw abortion in their communities and become sanctuary cities for the unborn.  Your town could be next!

Texas Right to Life has compiled a guide to help you protect preborn children in your community.  The guide, which can be obtained by contacting Texas Right to Life, contains the recommended text of the ordinance along with resources designed to help citizens navigate the lawmaking process in their cities.  By working with your local government to pass an ordinance condemning abortion, you are not only changing your community but also impacting the abortion debate across the state!

The abortion industry wants to bully Pro-Life Texans like you, but YOU are the Pro-Life majority!  Your city can help push back against these anti-Life tactics! Pro-Lifers like you must take action now to show groups like NARAL and the Lilith Fund that their efforts to push abortion on Texans will not succeed.

Spread the word!  If you want your community to be a Sanctuary City for the Unborn, email us at [email protected] or call 713-782-5433.


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  1. Terry McDermott on

    Little Lies, Little Eyes

    There’s a whole generation,
    With a new explanation.
    “Abortion is freedom”, I read,
    Never mind a child is dead.
    “It’s a choice,
    Not a voice.”
    A little lie,
    Another child will die.
    “It’s between a doctor and a mother”,
    Conveniently forgets there is one other.
    Another lie,
    And I sigh.
    “A life it is not”,
    Ignores science and what is taught.
    Another lie, like when pigs fly.
    I pray for truth, let it rise,
    No more tears in little eyes.

  2. Terry McDermott on

    Texas Tears

    Tiny coffins in a row,
    Dallas to Sacramento.
    From East to West,
    We may have killed America’s best.
    Our God rides the wings of prayer,
    A tear in His eye, we know He cares.
    Indifference is the evil that we see,
    We can never, ever let it be.
    A firestorm in our heart,
    America needs a brand new start.
    Continue to fill us with holy discontent,
    We stand for life, never relent.
    Far from the end of the story,
    To You alone be the glory.