Don´t let the RINOs slither into office without a fight!

Friend —

In only three weeks, Pro-Lifers like you answered our call to rally behind the toughest races in Texas.

With financial gifts ranging from $5 to thousands of dollars, we raised $145,297!

Because of the emergency funds contributed by people like you on such a short notice, we were able to launch the largest historic political campaign that we’ve ever had to wage.

As soon as we received the emergency gifts, we bought important ad space, sent mailers, phone calls, and recruited volunteers in the contested districts.

And all this worked! Each and every postcard, phone call, dollar, and email worked. Of the twenty-nine races (all were the priority) in which Texas Right to Life PAC was active, we won 27.

RINOs across the state were defeated in race after race on election night.

I couldn’t have been more proud of the Pro-Life movement in Texas that night.

We warned you and other Texans about anti-Life candidates who had targeted Pro-Life elected officials in an effort to change the face of Texas, all the while posing as Pro-Life candidates!

— They wanted Texas to restore tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.

— They wanted to weaken the rules for our Sonogram Law that stops doctors from hiding the baby’s image from mothers.

— They wanted to let hospitals decide to stop care on a patient regardless of the patient’s wishes.

With your help, we exposed that they were not Pro-Life.

I thank you, friend of Life, for your prayers and finances that defeated these RINOs during this most important primary campaign. These election victories are crucial to future victories for Life in Austin and in Washington, DC.

But our fight isn’t finished.

Several of the candidates face a difficult run-off with RINOs who still insist they’re really Pro-Life, but we know they’re lying.

For example, Sid Miller, the state representative from Stephenville who sponsored our Sonogram Law, is still under attack.
Why does a state representative from Stephenville, TX, matter to you? Because each and every lawmaker sets policy that affects the rest of us.

Think of the thousands of unborn baby Texans who will be born because of the Sonogram Law. If a RINO takes Sid’s spot, we lose one of the best Pro-Life champs in our State Legislature.

Will you contribute, once again, to make sure that we don’t let Sid and other districts fall into the hands of candidates posing as protectors of Life?

Please immediately click and follow this link to contribute $60, $150, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,500, or whatever you can, to help us expose the RINOs and protect Life.

The run off election is July 31st. RINOs think that no one is paying attention to these races and they’ll slither into office under the radar.

I can’t let this happen.

Pro-Life voters and concerned citizens must return to the polls on July 31st. We are almost to victory, but we can't run the celebratory laps yet.

You’ve seen our work. Your emergency gift will push over the finish line. Please contribute as much as you can by clicking this link and donating whatever you can, right now.

Yours for Life,