Don´t let the progressive abortion extremists run Texas!

Friend —

If you haven't heard, abortion extremists in Texas have raised $1.85 million from 4,470 people.

With this cash, their mission is to run the state of Texas.

In an email to their supporters, they wrote:

“More $$$ means more organizers to make it happen.”

Friend, what they said is true.

Every single dollar they raise takes them one step closer to running the state of Texas.

This is a dangerous time for Life — for Texas and our nation.

That's because 40 years of Texas Right to Life's work in Austin to protect Life from conception until natural death is entirely at risk.

Today, we mourn 41 years of the legalization of abortion — that is the extermination of the life of an innocent human baby.

Abortion extremists call this death “freedom” and they want to run Texas.

Don't let it happen! Do not let them get close to Austin!

Stand by Texas Right to Life's side and make a financial contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $4,000 right now.

Our team continues to build a powerful grassroots network across the state. Our mission this year is to stop the abortion extremists in their tracks.

My team and I want you to continue to be a part of this fight as more and more Pro-Lifers wake-up to the assault on Life that could happen if the abortion extremist, Wendy Davis, becomes governor.

Like they said, more money means we can put more boots on the ground to organize more and more Texans to fight for Life.

Don't let abortion extremists run Texas. Protect Life by clicking and following this link right now.

Yours for Life,