Don´t let the anti-Life lobbyists decide our laws!

Friend —

The lobbyists who support death panels and who want doctors to write “Do Not Resuscitate” orders in patients' charts, without their knowledge, are targeting Pro-Life candidates across Texas.
Today is the deadline to raise $11,400 so Texas Right to Life can combat these anti-Life lobbyists who would rather write-off patients than care for them.

I need you urgently by my side if we're going to defeat these lobbyists by electing strong Pro-Life candidates who will change the laws to protect patients.
Will you click this link right now and contribute $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 and help me meet this urgent goal?
My team and I can only fight the millions of dollars poured into campaigns by anti-Life lobbyists with your immediate contribution. We can't do this alone.
We're over half-way to the goal with $6,528 contributed so far. Help us raise $4,872 by the end of today so we can get to work and protect Life.