Boston students ask why Marathon bomber gets fair trial but preborn babies killed at Planned Parenthood don´t

Massachusetts’ Immaculate Heart of Mary School released a well-made video delineating the ironies and tragedies of abortion in modern America.  The video, entitled A Tale of Two Tragedies, is set primarily in downtown Boston, the historic city known as the “Cradle of Liberty.”  The students recall that, in 2013, Boston suffered a violent terrorist attack during the annual Boston Marathon, which takes place on Patriot’s Day.  Among the victims were 260 injured, 17 who lost limbs, and 3 innocent bystanders who died – including an 8-year-old boy.  Like the patriots of American history, Patriot’s Day 2013 gave witness to heroes in the form of paramedics, firemen, nurses, police officers, and many courageous civilians who all played a critical role in aiding the wounded and preventing the death toll from growing.  Already, the day has been cemented as an historic day of tragedy and heroism because of those who lost their lives, as well as those who came to the aid of victims.

Tale of Two Tragedies from Saint Benedict Center on Vimeo.

After reflecting on the tragic bombing, students then visited Boston’s Planned Parenthood abortion mill, where countless innocent Bostonians are routinely killed.  The deaths receive no media coverage, no outrage from elected officials, and no commemoration.  Like the Boston Marathon bombing, the deaths are gruesome and the carnage is real.  But because abortion is legal and private, the public are not aware of the brutality that takes place on their streets every single day.

Catherine Adair, a former employee of the Boston Planned Parenthood who is now a Pro-Life advocate, testified to the gore she witnessed every day – like the Boston bombings, except privately witnessed by abortion mill staff.  “Nobody except the workers has to see the carnage… but I know first-hand,” she said.  “I used to work in this Planned Parenthood for two years.”

The students posed poignant observations about the state of the American justice system.  One asked why, if the right to do as one pleases with one’s own body trumps a baby’s Right to Life, he is not legally permitted to do drugs or commit suicide.  Another student noted that the Boston Marathon bomber was offered a fair, month-long trial with a jury of his peers, but the rights of the preborn receive no fair considerations or protections by the justice system.  Students also noted that they are taught that discrimination is wrong, and yet mothers are advised by the medical community to discriminate against their own preborn children when they are diagnosed with a fetal abnormality.

The bottom line, the students concluded, is that “the Cradle of Liberty has been violated.”  They pointed to America’s Founding Fathers and founding documents to argue that the violation of the Right to Life was never intended for America’s progeny.  Quoting the Declaration of Independence, one student argued that Pro-Life advocates must fight the injustice of legalized abortion in America:  “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it…”  We commend these brave students for vociferously protecting Life in their community and sending their powerful video to communities across the country.