Bomb Threat


A mysterious package arrived at our Houston headquarters today.

The package was delivered right after we received a bomb threat.

Let me assure you: we take the safety and wellbeing of our staff very seriously. We have hired guards, installed additional cameras, and strengthened numerous other security measures. This is an expensive and unexpected cost, but a necessary one. We will always prioritize the safety of our heroic life-saving team.

We immediately called the police, and after an x-ray investigation, officers deemed that the contents of the package were not harmful. Praise God.

A lot of people are still FURIOUS about the Texas Heartbeat Act. They’re trying to silence us. They despise us for even talking about a life-saving law.

They believe the lie that unlimited abortion is their right, and they fear losing that alleged right in a post-Roe world. The abortion crowd is embittered due to decades of deception. We are heartbroken for them, too; we do actually feel their pain about being duped.

But the difference is that we at Texas Right to Life pray for their healing and for their eyes to be opened. Their ire and vitriol won’t stop us from protecting pregnant women from the same lies. Their clamors won’t silence us from protecting babies.

The anti-Life activists tried to stop the new Texas Heartbeat Act. They failed. Now they have turned their sights on us.

While some of the messages are empty rants, we take them all seriously and report them to law enforcement. The content and tone of the countless threats would make anyone blush. These communiques are vulgar and disturbing and show a deeper insight to the mindset of the abortion industry—they will stop at nothing—even commit crimes to prey upon women.

Texas Right to Life will never stop working to protect Life. These attacks on our dedicated team prove that we need to work harder to stop the lies of the abortion industry. And that is what we are doing. With security keeping watch over us and with your prayers, we remain happy warriors for the Kingdom and the Pro-Life cause.


For years, our staff has prayed every day for a conversion of all who oppose the Pro-Life movement. We will continue to pray for those who persecute us, threaten us, and mail mystery packages to us.

Will you stand up for Life with Texas Right to Life in the face of the ongoing tumult? Will you give $35, $90, $210, $450, or even more today?

Since the Texas Heartbeat Act took effect, more than 1,000 innocent tiny Texans have been saved. That’s the real story: The Texas Heartbeat Act is working, and anti-Lifers are angry because the Pro-Life movement is winning.

Help advance the fight for Life. Donate today.

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