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As the premier Pro-Life organization in the state, Texas Right to Life has thousands of members from all corners of the state – Abilene to McAllen and Orange to El Paso.  We recognize that in putting an end to the injustice and evil of abortion and euthanasia once and for all, we need hundreds of thousands of people to partner with us.

Through our educational, legislative, and political efforts, Texas Right to Life is leading the charge to protect innocent human Life.  Our successes and victories are due to the generosity and support of people like you.

To become a member

Members of Texas Right to Life understand the importance of supporting our life-saving work with financial gifts.  To be a member, make a minimum donation of $10 by clicking here.  You have the option of choosing which arm of our organization your gift supports: our educational, legislative, or political department.

Member benefits

As a member, you will be added automatically to our e-newsletter list to receive weekly updates via our Pro-Life Piece.

You’ll also receive email updates from various department directors related to different activities of our organization.

You’ll also receive our bi-monthly newsletter in your mailbox.

How you can recruit more members

Email your friends a link to the Texas Right to Life websites so they can learn about our life-saving work.

Invite your friends to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Simply have conversations with people in your life – be not afraid to talk about protecting Life!

Thank you for being willing to not only say you are Pro-Life but to also put those Pro-Life beliefs into action.  You are impacting real human lives by your courage and generosity.  You are the reason abortion and euthanasia will end in our lifetime.

At noon, our staff prays together daily for you and your family to be blessed by our Lord with peace and joy.

Welcome to the Pro-Life Resistance!