Another day, another Planned Parenthood lawsuit…or fundraiser?

Six months into their explosive body parts harvesting debacle, Planned Parenthood has ostensibly decided to sue the Center for Medical Progress, the Pro-Life group that released scores of damning video footage exposing Planned Parenthood’s inhuman and illegal business practice of harvesting and selling aborted babies.

Since July, Planned Parenthood has defaulted to broken record mode, repeating ad nauseam the claim that they are innocent of all wrongdoing, and that despite dozens of hours of footage proving otherwise, they didn’t actually do what they did (i.e., break federal laws by illegally procuring and selling the parts and bodies of aborted babies).  But the abortion giant obstinately refuses to step out of their contradictory fantasy world and into the stark reality: they are guilty, they are suffering the consequences, and they will be defunded.

“We’re suing the anti-abortion extremists behind those videos,” reads Planned Parenthood’s audacious headline.  “For months, Planned Parenthood has faced false accusations, beginning with a series of illegally recorded and dishonestly edited videos,” the abortion behemoth moans.  Oh, the editing has been downgraded from “deceptive” to “dishonest”?  Perhaps that’s because Planned Parenthood’s own investigation of the footage found no evidence of deceit.  Sounds like Planned Parenthood is launching into a lawsuit on extremely tenuous ground.

Or is there a credible lawsuit at all?  When a person pledges support for the purported lawsuit by filling out personal information fields in the sidebar of Planned Parenthood’s website, they are immediately taken to a donation page.  And the page doesn’t just ask for a one-time donation, but rather to initiate a monthly donation to Planned Parenthood.  That seems an odd request when the objective is being billed as a one-time lawsuit.

Is this a lawsuit or another Planned Parenthood public relations stunt gone awry?  The world may never know.