Abortion worker: abortion advocates don´t understand what really happens in abortion

Author Sue Hertz wrote a book entitled, Caught in the Crossfire: A Year on Abortion’s Front Line, in which an observer shares the story of what goes on inside – and outside – of an abortion mill. Outside, the beliefs of abortion opponents and advocates collide.  Pro-Lifers work “on the front lines” in the last possible effort to save babies from abortion, while abortion advocates stand in support of the procedures that occur inside the building.

In the narrative of Hertz’s account, one abortion mill worker (“Fran”) believes that the abortion supporters outside of her facility would join the Pro-Lifers in their opposition if they understood what went on inside.  “These people are political activists; Fran thought,” shares the author.  “Their work was critical to protecting abortion rights, but how many of them knew the reality of abortion, had seen the reality of what it destroyed?”

Fran persisted: “You haven’t seen the little feet.  They look just like the little feet pushpins that the antis [Pro-Lifers] wear.”  An abortionist at the same facility said that the abortion advocates would “jump the fence into the [Pro-Lifers’] arms” if they could see the fetal remains of an abortion committed after 14 weeks gestation.

Another writer who describes the thoughts of abortion mill workers is Sarah Terzo.  Through her website, ClinicQuotes.com, Terzo has spent years uncovering a trend in the abortion movement: that the workers and mothers who have come face-to-face with the gruesome reality of abortion feel compelled to testify to the reality of abortion.  In some cases, this causes abortion supporters to change and become Pro-Life.  Other individuals deal with the brutality by becoming callous to what they see day after day.  Still others face the reality with a brutally clinical coldness.

One mother had no idea what – or whom – she would hold in her hands after ingesting the abortion pill.  Responding to a misinformed statement that ten-week-old babies do not look human, the woman shared her own harrowing experience.  Terzo reports:

Your [sic]wrong.  If you want to see that science for yourself, its easy, you don’t care right!  So get pregnant, go to a abortion clinic around 9-10 weeks, get the abortion pill.

Next day insert the three pills in your cervix area, get some sleep, and wait for you to gush.  Deliver in tub, so you can see this so called pile of tissue, that so called pile of tissue, has a nice round head, eyes, developing ears, hand, fingers arms, elbows, legs , feet, toes, mouth, I’ve held my 10 wk baby, have you?


Read a vast array of first-hand abortion stories from mothers, clinic workers, and abortionists at ClinicQuotes.com.  Then share them and spread the word about abortion’s ugly reality.