Abortion survivor to share her story in Houston

Did you know that there are individuals all over the world who have survived abortion attempts at various stages of pregnancy?

In 1977, Gianna Jessen was nearly killed in a horrific late-term abortion attempt.  An abortionist injected her mother’s womb with a saline solution designed to burn the baby from the outside-in, irreparably harming the baby’s internal organs when she inhales and swallows the solution.  Somehow, Gianna survived this “procedure” (which has since been replaced by other, equally-gruesome abortion methods, including dismemberment abortion).  Today she lives with cerebral palsy caused by the attempt on her life.

Gianna has shared her testimony with international audiences, including the Australian Parliament and U.S. Congress.  She appeared before a congressional committee investigating Planned Parenthood last year in support of efforts to defund the abortion organization.  Gianna’s vivacious and engaging style has galvanized Pro-Lifers and convicted proponents of the anti-Life agenda worldwide.  Indeed, Gianna’s very existence bears witness against the murderous profiteering of Big Abortion.

And now, Gianna is coming to Texas.  She will speak to Houston Pro-Life advocates on Friday, April 1, at the Houston Storks Banquet, which is a fundraising event to outfit a state-of-the-art Mobile Medical Unit.  A Houston-area pregnancy resource center will park the mobile medical unit outside of local abortion mills to offer free ultrasounds, pregnancy counseling, and life-affirming resources.  The unit will be designed and wrapped by Colorado-based Pro-Life organization Save the Storks to the specifications of the local pregnancy center before coming home to serve the women of Houston.  Pro-Life champion Steve Toth and local Pro-Life artist Jamie Wells will also participate in the event.  Visit the website to learn more about the event, register to attend, or donate to fund the Mobile Medical Unit.

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