End the 10-Day Rule! Urge the Texas Senate to act!


What would you do if your hospital said they would pull the plug against your will in just 10 days?  The Texas 10-Day Rule allows hospital committees to make life-or-death decisions instead of patients and families.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Tell your legislators in Austin to end the 10-Day Rule!

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  1. Yolanda Guerrero Villarreal on

    I implore Sen Chuy Hinojosa to vote to end the 10 day rule. God is the only one to decide when we will all die. It is cruel to bring torture to the family of these victims at the hands of “healthcare workers” who as a committee decides who gets to live and who must die. Why 10 days???? Miracles happen every day.

  2. Rebecca Gilmartin on

    I was unaware that this rule even existed. It could happen to any of us. Please end this rule. No one should be playing God.

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  4. Linda Rogers on

    This is inhumane! God has the choice of life or death not a Hospital Committee. Unless there is some medical reason or determined to be Brain Dead, then as humans beings , no has the right to do this!