Legislation: Penalizing Pregnant Women


Texas Right to Life opposes all elective abortions and is dedicated to passing legislation that saves lives immediately, directs the cultural conversation to the humanity of the preborn child, and contributes to the ultimate goal of overturning Roe v Wade.  We acknowledge that pregnant women are victims of abortion in addition to the preborn child who is deprived of his or her Right to Life.  Women are victimized by abortion spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  For over 45 years, women have fallen prey to the lie that taking the lives of their preborn children is necessary for personal and professional success.  The Pro-Life movement must never neglect pregnant women, always loving and meeting the needs of both the mother and her child.  Thus, Texas Right to Life always ensures Pro-Life priority legislation is carefully written so that all liability, penalties, and enforcement are upon the abortionist and the abortion industry, not pregnant or post-abortive women.  For example, rather than target women, the Preborn NonDiscrimination Act, House Bill 2434, supports them by offering life-affirming options to assist in choosing Life.  The Texas Legislature must focus on protecting vulnerable human lives, including preborn children and pregnant women targeted by the abortion industry.


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